A few small improvements

I think it would be a good idea to show efficiency tips or small details on how to play the game during loading screens. I feel like this would be especially useful as the factories get bigger and load times get longer.

I also believe that the game should put the player directly into a separate tutorial mode first, rather than allowing the player to open up any scenario and only showing mechanics when they’re selected. How will a new player know that a feature exists if he has never played the game before? I can say from my personal experience that it took several tries before figuring out how everything worked in the game.

There should be a menu somewhere which allows you to see all the stations in your factory and which ones have what upgrades. I can’t count how many times I’ve started a new assembly line in a factory and forgot to tick a box on one of the stations, only to find out by checking the dealer lot and seeing 90% of my cars missing a required option, then scrambling to find where I missed it.

In the building menu, I think that all parts manufacture should be in its own category, but in the same order as the building stations, rather than in sub menus with the related station. Personally, I think it would be easier to find things that way.

I’ll add more to this thread as I come across some things or come up with ideas.

One thing i’ve noticed is that when you have two line joining together, the game always prioritises the line with the longer path, which means that when things are backed up, the shorter path is permanently stopped and that entire line is jammed. Maybe code it in a way that the game always alternates between paths regardless of queue size?

The game should be taking the path that leads the car to a production slot first (ie…a longer path if there are cars queueing on the shorter one), but there may be some bugs there…

I agree that the tutorial stuff definitely does need some work, and we will be coming back to that soon (once some basic marketing is in).

I really cant decide if it makes more sense to show manufacture of components in the GUI close to where they are used, or in a separate area. Its a tough one…

I think what the OP was talking about was in this situation, the car below the arrow is stuck there, until the row of cars in front of it passes.

hmm, not sure I can see whats going on there :frowning:

First, sorry for the super late reply.

Secondly, this is what I mean. I made a very rough example of what I mean. When you have a split arranged like this, for some reason the longer one seems to take priority, and the short line never moves forward. My idea for fixing this was to make the game alternate incoming lanes regardless of how many cars are waiting on it. I hope that makes sense.

Sorry for not having time to reply here! Improvements to this are definitely on my todo list.