A few suggestions

I have a few suggestions which i would like some feedback:

1- A policy to ban contraceptives. It would please the religious, upset liberals, increase population and poverty, decrease gender equality and liberalism. It would also be incompatble with the family planning policy.

2- Military schools. Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro on his campaign has promised to put one military school on each of Brazil’s capital. It would please both patriot and conservative, boost their membership, upset youth and liberals and increase education.

3- I believe school prayers and compulsory church attendance should decrease liberalism, since it would be an attack on personal liberties.

4- A situation reggarding sex education, giving two choices: Abstinence based education, which would please conservatives and religious, but would upset liberals, and comprehensive based education, which would upset religious and conservatives, but please liberals.

5- Replacing limited circumstances in abortion law, with two other stances: rape,birth defects and life treathening; and rape and birth defects.


For Democratic Decay, I had a slider for “Birth control”. The slider contained the extremes.

Parents’ happiness is an x^2 curve where where they are upset by both extremes, but happy with the middle.

Contraceptives banned
Contraceptives in marriage only
Contraceptives restricted
Contraceptive handouts (Western Europe)
Birth control education (many low-income countries)
Two child incentive
Two child limit (2020s China)
One child incentive (1990s China)
One child limit
Zero child incentive

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I know I already said it in This post, but this mod (and the global presidential suite pack) really had great ideas that Democracy 4 could really use. We know that they are popular and implementable, would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Indeed. I played Democratic Decay and other mods by you , and i believe they have great ideas that could be implemented in this game.

Also, one thing i wanted to correct regarding abortion: the last stance would be life treathening and rape.