A few thoughts

  1. I would like to see the production schedule allow a zero quantity. This would enable you to pause producing a model without having to look for it again in the popup menu. If I get a glut of inventory on a particular model I typically modify it’s features, price or both but I like to clear the existing stock before producing the more desirable model.

  2. Along with the above it would be helpful to be able to tweak pricing ONLY for cars in the showroom. This would facilitate clearing out unwanted inventory without affecting new cars in the line.

  3. The Car Stock tab of the Showroom window looks great but does not give me what I want most. I want current inventory by model. I don’t want to have to mouse over cars to see how many of that model exist. Often the model differences are not obvious visually and it can take quite a while just to see where your inventory stands. The Market tab gives Sales/Hr, Produced/Hr & Customers/Hr but no current inventory. It also is shown by price point and not model which is less useful if you have multiple models within a price point. Maybe a third tab with a table of all models showing current inventory and how many are currently on the production line.