A few tips needed

Hi all,

I am relatively new to D3, having played number 2 a while back. I have a few questions.

I am playing as the UK and I really struggle to ever get elected a second time around. No matter what I do, I end up in heavy debt and everyone hates me. My biggest worry is that one week i am sitting on a 5bn deficit, then the week after, this has increased to 70bn, and I cannot see a reason why. The graph shows that I had a HUGE income drop whilst my expenditure remained stable in the last quarter, yet my quarterly report only shows that ‘uncompetetive economy’ has came to an end. So surely this is a good thing, right?

Aside from that Q, are there any good tips on a starting strategy as the UK? They start of in a deficit and with a crime/techonology problem. What should I tackle first? It seems that as soon as I try to sort out the deficit, poverty increases and if I try to spend money, I get downgraded credit ratings almost every quarter.

hey, i hade exactly the same problems. even when i run the country quite succesfully i didnt get elected a 2nd time.

i think you will get no answer here. the forum is as dead as the game itself. only the marketing part seems to be active

Hi guys,

Well, I just started playing Democracy and I struggled a bit until I have a clear understanding of this game and next I’m going to give you three beginning tips.

Tip Number 1 - Before anything, you need a strategy.
This game is about politics. In politics, you must have a position. And after all, you will follow some tactics in order to achieve your strategy. Suppose that I want to make EUA Great Again increasing jobs and making capitalist and conservators happy (this is my strategy). Then, the tactic I would use is: I’m going to pass every sort of policies that would make then happy. Such as: tax relief for companies and vetting any sort of liberalism policies: implementing CCTV cameras on street (reduce crime but liberals don’t like it) etc.

Tip number 2 - Analyze everything first.
In every new match, analyze your country aspects: financially, population and currently problems.

Financially: Always check what are your major expenses and your major source of income. Here you can have an idea of how you can increase your income or reduce your expenses.

For example, if your expenses in Army/Military is huge, then despite disappointing some patriots, you can cut this amount to save some money. But do NOT forget, you should do something regarding those patriots in order to not get killed.

Or, you can raise or implement some source of tax in order to increase your income. Then you should analyze it carefully in order not to disappoint the people you don’t want to. Such as, if your strategy is to make capitalist and liberals happy, then if you raise/implement a Mansion Tax you will definitely disappoint some capitalists.

Population: Your challenge size will be proportional to the population you are going to hurt the most. If the number of capitalists in EUA is huge and you try to make EUA a socialist country passing every sort of Social Policies, you can do it but you should manage it very very carefully.

Currently Problem: What you should do in order to put an end to those problems and make everyone like you. Everyone group is kind of controversial because you should focus on some sort of group not all of them to be reelected. However, if your group is making parents happy then Asma Problem will definitely make a good effect on that group.

Tip Number 3 - Don’t forget, there are plenty of other social groups in your country, they can kill you.
Don’t forget those other groups. If your strategy is to make America great again you should not definitely forget those socialists and liberals otherwise, they will kill you. Therefore, even though you pass the major number of policies making capitalists and conservators happy you should pass few sort of liberals and socialists policies too. It doesn’t matter that some capitalists and conservators will be sad by that because you already passed lots of policies making them happy.

Well, those are just a few insight that will help you start playing this game well.

Anything, please write me an email rafael.amaralrov@gmail.com

Good game guys!

Good tips! welcome to the forum and glad you like the game :smiley:

I generally follow these rules in this order.
1- increase police, spies and community police to maximum
2-increase science spending to maximum
3-The key is to get productivity up. Introduce adult education subsidies and look at what affects productivity.
4-Impliment luxury goods tax at about 60% - Scrap it when Brain Drain appears.
5-Impliment Carbon Tax at 60% - affects GDP but gives you a massive income. Enough to bring that debt down and impliment loads of policies.
In between, you want to focus on any new policies that don’t cost too much ( just a few billion each or less ) that increase Trade, foreign relations, Tourism, GDP, Health, education and the environment. Get Car usage down as much as possible by funding Buses and Bicycles and invest in Monorails when you can afford them.
Once your money goes up then continue to invest in Health and Education. Try to go Evolution Only as soon as you can to combat technological backwater. If assassination becomes a threat then impliment wire tapping.
i took South Africa with a 2TN rand debt to a 500bn rand surplus following these rules.