A Fistful of Suggestions

  1. To be able to set a ship’s default orders in the ship builder. Having to manually reset the ranges on the same ships every time i deploy them is busy work.

  2. To have mouse-wheel scrolling in ship selection column.

  3. The ability to view the battles that your challenges go through. I’d love to be able to see the variety of ways people counter my strategies.

  4. Orbit order, like formation but circling around. This would give you more structured withdrawl and reentry into combat for frontline ships

  5. Coordinate With order. (for example, one could set their missile platforms to coordinate with a particular ship that is laser tagging targets)

  6. Remote Shield boosters, hex slot, slow cooldown, high power, high crew, Frigate and Cruiser sizes, possibly a heavier fighter variant with short cooldown as well.

  7. Auto-save deployments when entering battle, or the ability to save a deployment post battle, several times i’ve forgotten to save a deployment while creating a challenge fleet.

  8. Better anti-fighter frigate/cruiser abilities, and with that a bit more control of how and when fighters should enter a fight.

Hi Vactor, I really like point 3. I don’t know how feasible it is to upload the actual replays, but I’d love to be able to see the fleets that killed my challenges and Get Revenge (someone just destroyed a fleet of mine, it was only young!).

I came here to post about the suggestion in number 7. I would like the ability to save a deployment after the battle has ended. It seems tedious to save everything beforehand before you know if it’s any good or not.

Thank you for making such a great game btw, I love it so far!

You dont. right click a ship on the deployment screen and save out its default orders. They are then always applied to new instances of that ship design :smiley:

yes that is actually a pretty fair point. I should address that.

Oh wow, I hadn’t realized this functionality had been added, that is great and it will make Orders just a little bit less time consuming.