a galactic/para military team

maybe a galactic/para military faction, who uses conventional weapons (Tribarreled battleship cannons, machine guns etc…)
and there ships are big, unifeciant, cheap, low sheild, high armor, high hull.

but all there weapons are horribly inacurate and long reload, or very, very expensive. and all weighty

there ships are slow

but when there weapons hit they 1. go though sheilds 2. they do massive damage

also miniguns (think A-10’s in space X10) Can just be missel lauchers with high rate, low damge, and no turn

and a new order

Flak cover
they (if armed with flack) will shoot around aliied ships, there anti fighter defence system as the flak cant penertate armor.

minigun wont work(unless this is changed in expansions) you can only have 1 missle out at a time
the order is kindave piontless why not just escort or formations with the flack guns on the ship
race idea is good though

Jake Wedding: sounds to me (at least on the surface) that some of what you’re describing already exists in GSB. Check out Eich’s newest modded race, the Scavengers, and see for yourself.