a hull i made is appearing as a white box

thanks :smiley:

and just so you know i didn’t draw the picture i got a friend to do it because i have no artistic skill at all, so i can’t really change them very much my self… that shouldn’t really matter though, right?

At the moment no it doesnt matter . . I will not be making Graphical changes, more like location changes . .
It will be easier to understand when i send the files.

I too have no artistic skills, but whith a bit of practice you can make a nice chop shop ship :slight_smile:

ok good :smiley: i’m finally making progress on this mod i started over a month ago!

If you get stuck again, troll the forum and post a topic. Someone here will be able to help you :slight_smile:

I have replied to your email with a modified ship icon for you to use. The ship is no longer deformed.
Please note you will have to relocate the module slots again so they fit on the ship.

ok, thanks for the help, i doubt i’ll have any problems until i try to make some turrets/race specific moduals.

I don’t think you will have any problems. I found making turrets is the easy part . . coming up with an original ship was the hardest.

Hey all I’m having some troubles with my A-10 fighter that I’m trying to get into the game. I have done the _sprite, and _damaged on the ends of my files. But they still go as white boxes and realy slow up the game, I’m not sure what I have done. I have saved the A-10 as a 512 x 512 argb dds file. Here is the contentes of the hull file, and I’ll see about getting the dds file uploaded, I’d like to get this one working first before I go and make the damaged one, As I’m going to remove half of a wing and edit out an engine pod as with other body damage. Mostly get ahold of some pictures of the A-10s that got damaged in the gulf war and flew back home.

classname = fighter
name = A-10 Fighter hull
guiname = A-10 Fighter hull
sprite = A-10Fighter_sprite.dds
damagetexture = A-10Fighter_damaged.dds
width = 10
height = 10
powerproduced = 10
cost = 10
racename = federation


0 = 254.50,140.00,400.00,1.38,0
1 = 2.00,138.50,400.00,1.38,1

0 = 128,254,40,500,1.5,4

0 = 128.00,128.00,0,0,
1 = 220.00,138.50,0,1,202.50,124.00,237.50,153.00,(damage_sprite_sparks-220.00-139.00),
2 = 42.75,140.50,0,1,17.50,127.50,68.00,153.50,(damage_sprite_sparks-46.00-140.00),
3 = 108.25,179.75,0,1,99.50,157.50,117.00,202.00,(damage_sprite_sparks-108.00-180.00),
4 = 149.50,180.00,0,1,144.00,159.00,160.50,202.50,(damage_sprite_sparks-153.00-181.00),
5 = 128.25,118.50,0,1,120.50,75.50,136.00,161.50,(damage_sprite_sparks-129.00-94.00),(damage_sprite_smoke-128.00-147.00),

0 = 108.50,181.00,STANDARD,
1 = 149.00,181.00,STANDARD,
2 = 129.00,150.50,STANDARD,
3 = 128.50,119.50,STANDARD,
4 = 128.00,19.00,TURRET,
5 = 21.00,137.00,TURRET,
6 = 50.00,137.50,TURRET,
7 = 78.50,137.50,TURRET,
8 = 235.00,136.00,TURRET,
9 = 206.00,137.00,TURRET,
10 = 176.50,136.50,TURRET,
11 = 128.00,88.00,STANDARD,

0 = 0,128,128,EXP_STARTBREAKUP
3 = 0,128,128,EXP_BLASTGLARE[/code]

remove “_sprite” from the line sprite = A-10Fighter_sprite.dds (change to A-10Fighter.dds) and make sure the texture’s filename matches exactly.
The game should automatically find the sprite file related to the texture specified in the hull file.

Ok It works ONLY for the Frigate and Cruiser classes If I try it as a fighter they get the white boxes and slow down. I would like these to be fighters not anything bigger. Did I mess up somewere?

You still need a A-10Fighter_sprite.dds file, or you’ll get the tiny Borg Cubes.
If you need to get your ship in-game quickly just do this:
-Load up the fighter texture
-Select the whole thing and copy it
-double the image canvas size and make sure the fighter picture alligns left or right.
-paste and allign so the two images sit side by side
-resize as needed, but make sure you keep the aspect ratio.
-To make a damaged version of your ship at a later time, modify the right-side fighter image in your _sprite file.

Oh kay so I need to make a side by side of the undamaged and damaged model? Where as the normal ships do not need the side by side? Wait the damaged one has what your talking about Ok So i think I’ll attempt to make this at 128 by 64 witch is the same size as the other non-modded ships. Great I shall try this and report back with a edit to this post.

Thansk in advance.

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Yep. Frigates and cruisers use separate textures for normal and damaged hulls wheras fighters use the sprite. If you’re making large corvette size fighters you might want to make the sprites 256x128 or even larger if you’re making them really huge (size 40 or something), especially if they look blurry.


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Anyway Much thanks it works realy well now. I just need to make sure that they change over to the damaged sprite as i went ahead and did that whit i was making them. Kill two birds one stone.


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