A Modest Proposal-ism.. lots of proposals, no real "-is

Hello. First Post… hello Cliff… I’ve read some of the posts so I know u are the brains behind the game.

I recently bought it off the bargain rack inside a CompUSA (the now-collapsing puter monopoly of retail in the US). Installed it, played it, and voila, here I am.

The game has potential. But as it stands it just sucks. Sorry, I’m not trolling, but I do want to see improvements so I speak plainly. Concept, great, delivery… lackluster.

You need to develop the game more. Way more. Especially for people like myself who like to throw themselves into the freeform version of it. 60-70 percent of the time you are doomed right out of the gate… the planetary map is too small, the resources from where you start are impossibly limited, etc. Again, I say I’m not trolling, but I do have issues with playability. You have the rudiments of an interesting game but I have to restart from scratch over and over and over at expert level just to be able to play. More often than not, you are placed in a situation where no amount of attempting to play the game will succeed. Dead from the start.

Good concept. Bad delivery.

I hope you’ll read this post and be willing to hear more criticism. I love strategy games and you have a great idea with ST but it needs development.


It’s an old game :slight_smile:

A new gameis actually developped, and I’m sure Cliffski will do again some wonders ^^

And even… it is perhaps a bit old, there are not much resources… and even? I had some fun playing it and I’m actually just waiting for that ^^