A novel (?) way to add different sized turrets to ships

Right now, frigates have frigate weapons, and cruisers have cruiser weapons.

You can make a mod with frigate or even fighter weapons available for cruisers, but you still only have X hardpoints to put them into.

One solution proposed was to have the ability to assign hardpoints of different sizes on different hulls. So you might have 3 CA hardpoints on a CA, and 10 FF hardpoints.

My idea is that if the above is too difficult, how about THIS.

We know that multiple turrets (pointed to by the same module) are just a visual effect. I wonder if a simple solution might be to have the code actually count such linked weapons as a single attack, but add together the damages in some fashion. In addition, the weights, power requirements etc ALSO add together linearly.

So you make a new CA with just 5 hardpoints, for one hardpoint, it links to 4 spots on the hull, and for another of the hardpoints, you link the hardpoint hexagon to, say, 10 points on the hull. It also has 3 single hardpoints. For argument, this new race has 1 large CA laser, a rapid fire anti-fighter laser, and one tiny PD weapon available (no other weapon modules for simplicity). The large laser weighs 150, and uses 12 power. The rapid-fire weapon weighs 20 and uses 2 power. The PD weapon weighs 4, and uses 1 power. If the player puts the large laser on the spot that generates 10 lasers, the weight added is 1500, and the power requirement is 120. If he instead puts the tiny, PD weapon, the weight is 40, and the power used is 10. Same with the 4 weapon slot. He can have 4 main batteries, but the cost will be 600 weight, and 48 power. By tweaking the weights of different systems, it would be a de facto way of saying that more than X linked weapons is only good for PD, and linking a smaller number might allow different batteries. Note that since they count as one weapon as they do now, they will not split fire, but always shoot at the same target. One possible way around this would be to have them fire with a small delay at the target currently aimed at—a ripple fire. So if the 10 PD weapons had a small delay (10-30 time units), they’d fire at a missile, and then the next fires, and so forth. One will kill the target, then the next will shoot at the NEW target. Main batteries can be set to have a very short (0?) fire interval, and a salvo_interval to what the current fire_interval would be—they’d shoot at once at a single target.

I don’t know how clear the above was, but the bottom line was that hardpoints that link to multiple instances drawn on the hull should multiply the cost/weight/energy-usage of the weapons so-placed.

This would allow them to obviously do more damage, but also would function to control what type of weapons you place in a given position on the hull due to simple economics and energy constraints. Modders (and cliffski, actually) could then make smaller weapons designed to be mounted in batteries of many weapons (since a battery of them on a cruiser would “cost” about as much as a current single weapon.

Could throw off balance, as a frigate with even a single quad battery of fighter lasers and a tractor beam would shred enemy squadrons. Laser batteries would replace ion cannons as the favored anti-fighter platform.

Except that if a frigate has a quad mount, it also then has 4X the money spent on that mount, and 4X the weight under the system I propose.

Basically, if you see X turrets on the hull, then you pay for X and are weighed down by X—in return you deal more damage, obviously.

It could be useful, but how would you differentiate between the ones for decoration and the ones for “realz”?

The idea was that NONE should be for decoration. None at all.

If the code looks like:,TURRET,(98.00-85.00),(148.00-85.00),

Then the game would charge you for TWO of whatever gun.

Then, when modules were made there might be some smaller versions added. Say a rapid-fire laser designed for anti-fighter work. You set the turret size small for that one (with a small weight, power, and cost), and assume that players will pile them on places with multiple pointers.

This sounds a lot more cumbersome and strange-looking than multi-size hardpoints, which is already pretty cumbersome itself.

Except the game already knows about multiple turrets linked to a single hardpoint. The game knows to DRAW them, and how many, so it already has every single piece of data needed to “charge” us for them in cost/weight/power, AND it has all the data to increase the damage.

I suggested it because compared to writing new code to allow multiple sizes of hardpoint it seemed like it was already mostly done anyway (and I think I remember a cliffski post saying something similar).