A place for mods

i just bought Production line and looked trough the Forums for some nice Mods. Im aware that this game is fairly new and i dint expect many Mods to be present.
Are there any Plans for offering a more organized place for them?

From my experience a thriving Modding Community is the key to a sucsessful game and you (Positech Games) can even hire some proven modders or incorporate their idears.

If Positech Games doesnt want to (or doesnt have the time) to provide such a place i would happy to do so.

btw. im glad this game doesnt require Steam. I hate it, when i have to install and run some Software only to be able to get another piece of Software :slight_smile:

There will be infrastructure for mods, some people have already started tinkering with a few basic things, most of the game is text file based so editing and adding in mods will be easy.

Do you mean by “infrastructure” Modding tools or/and an ingame Mod Browser?

As i said: i would be happy to take work off the Devs Hands by building and hosting some Modhosting site with API interface.
(And no i dont have any financial interrest. I just have spare resources and want to support you)