A question about IQ

I’m pretty new to this game (just bought it a couple of weeks ago), and I’m trying the Dr route for the first time. The only problem is that you need a high IQ to get most of the jobs above Jr Dr, and my IQ drops a point every few turns. I do crosswords and watch the news to raise my IQ, but I can’t seem to get it above 24% without it dropping.

Can I mod something so it doesn’t drop so quickly?

you can, look towards the bottom of the config.txt file. But better still, learn all the ways to boost IQ. clicking your IQ will break it down into subcomponents, you need to raise them ALL. That includes talking to intellectual people, and reading the right books.

I did try to mod it … I changed IQ degrade to 0.00, and it seems like I’m loosing IQ every 2 turns or so.

i think you need it to be 1.00 to never degrade (as i recall)

I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Thank you!