A question for cliffski

I’m trying to put a moonbase on a background of a moon. The problem is that when you move around the screen, the base slides around on the lunar surface.

Is there some way of turning off the parallax scrolling similar to turning off the star effect?
Any suggestions?

you mean have the ships not move relative to the background? hmmm. Not without changing code I don’t think, although I might change this one day. I can’t see how naval mods would work without that being fixed.

Please Please Please
It would be good if this was an option you could enable on an individual scenerio basis, rather than globably.

This is all that is stoping me from releaseing the UFO/SHADO race and the Space:1999 race.

Is it possible to have a fixed bitplane just below the ships? That way you don’t have to fiddle with the background code, but add a fixed image layer between the ships and the background (which the modder would leave blank).