A quick modded sample of policy idea - Digital Administration


  • Add another way to combat Bureaucracy
  • Cut down the size of State Employees group
  • Make Internet Speed more important

[Policy Info]

Digital Administration
Digital Administration, also known as e-Government, aims to reform administrative service by using digital technologies. It is widely supported by the public for various reasons including improvements of government efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness. However, some critics argue that ‘lean government’ will bring price to pay somewhere. Also, the elderly are not keen on these changes as they aren’t familiar with the latest technologies.

Cost Factors

  • More State Employees will increase the cost
  • Higher Internet Speed will decrease the cost

Income Factor

  • Higher Wages will increase the income (since the income here means labor cost cut)


  • Decrease Bureaucracy
  • Appease Capitalist
  • Appease Liberal (but they become less happy at the maximum slider scale)
  • Appease Middle Income (added since this will save tax money but maybe unnecessary?)
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Private Telecom (provided not nationalized)
  • Increase Unemployment
  • Decrease the membership of State Employees
  • Anger Trade Unionist
  • Anger Retired (but they become mostly indifferent at the maximum slider scale)
  • Increase Industrial Automation
  • Increase Cyber Warfare
  • Increase Internet Crime
  • Increase Skills Shortage (but it becomes considerably weaker at the maximum slider scale)

Other Thoughts

  • It could be interesting to add Digital Divide situation which represents a potential pitfall some people might get trapped as a new ‘digital’ government fails to reach those who are not familiar with modern communication technologies. It might be caused by way to rapid transition the elderly can’t keep up with or just lack of decent education that can teach digital literacy to pupils in poverty. I have no idea what kind of bad effects would be nice for it but having requirements such as good education for digital administration to work sounds good.
  • Still looking for a better policy name & slider texts.
  • It would be nice if there are more factors impacting Internet Speed.
  • I still feel like this policy needs more downsides at higher slider scale. Or maybe make even harder to raise the slider either by adding implicit requirements as mentioned above or increasing PC cost.

I’m going to publish this to the Workshop if I happen to make time to playtest a bit sooner or later.


TODO - Add Digital Divide situation

Digital Divide
Advanced information technologies have greatly improved our lives but not everyone can enjoy the fruits. Either by lack of proper education, high relative poverty, or way too aggressive applications of state-of-the-art digital techs can leave some citizens in ‘digital poverty,’ being deprived of access to latest information and online services. Those who are poor, old, or in rural areas would be much more vulnerable to this and might even become easy prey of identity fraud.

Caused by:

  • High Technology
  • High Poverty
  • Low Equality
  • High Digital Administration (except for the max slider: AI-assisted Services)
  • High Telecommuting Initiatives

Mitigated by:

  • High Education
  • High State Schools
  • Very High State Telecom


  • Poor Approval (-) (and income maybe?)
  • Retired Approval (-)
  • Farmers Approval (-)
  • Skills Shortage (+)
  • Internet Crime (+)
  • /not sure whether this should affect poverty and/or equality when they are in causes already

going to implement & playtest this in a few days. feedbacks are always welcomed.

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though this obviously took more than just a few days… :joy: it’s out now!

Mod Specifications

  • 1 Policy
  • 1 Situation
  • 5 Overrides
  • 1 SVG Image
  • English/Korean Support