A quirk in the "simulation" file

When I was trying to mod the simulation file (the one that contains all the information about GDP, equality, poverty, unemployment) etc. I found a quirk that makes things difficult.

Instead of the effects of a value coming after the #, as in Democracy 1, the influences are there.

This means writing e.g. “environmentalist,-0.3+(0.6)” after the air quality information means that the air quality is directly imporved by environmentalist happiness, not the other way round.

Same thing applies for capitalists and GDP, socialists and equality and all the other voter responses that were a part of Democracy 1.

I was just wondering if there’s any way around this? :neutral_face:

I wonder if some form of environmentalism negative feedback mechanism can be introduced?

If the environment gets to be in really bad shape, environmentalists aren’t just going to sit on their rears and let it get worse. Environmentalist unhappiness is likely to improve the health of the environment, at least a little. They’re activists. They’ll want to do their own little actions to help clean it up.

Not that it’d be enough to counteract the damaging policies which created the problem in the first place, of course. Yet it might be reasonable, if it’s possible.

Yea, I see your point, i’s just backwards in the game. What I’d really like to see is a way of making environmentalist happiness a direct result of air quality, socialist happiness a result of equality etc - so when the air is clean, environmentalists are happy, when equality is high, socialists are happy etc. Not that it matters any more - my hard drive got wiped and I lost the game :frowning:

You can doubtless get another copy of the game. Just prove you purchased it legitimately and so forth.

I believe you’re misreading the files. The simulation, at least in the demo, works right. Equality doesn’t go up when socialists get more happy, but socialists get more happy when equality goes up.