A sandbox mode would be nice;

I was just reading about this on one of the topics, and this got me thinking:

There is not much things for testing out stuff and just doing whatever you want, besides submitting a challenge to yourself, which is kind of annoying.

So why, why couldnt there be a mode where you control both sides of the battle? Why cant there be a map-creator? Why not?

I would certainly love this in an update, or if i had to buy this in a add-on along with some other stuff with it.

Now the map creator, you could change the number of pilots avaliable, size, money, change the backround picture, and spacial anomalies. Spacial anomalies would have to be increased, like certain weapons cant be used (due to electrical interfierence, the guiding systems on missles dont work,etc.)

I think this would be fairly simple to do, your not creating anything new except for a few buttons.

Now in the sandbox mode, you would be able to create both sides of the battle. Switch between both fleets, and once your finished you can start the battle. This would be usefull to test out certain systems, see which fleets are better against others, etc.

I think both of these would be a great addition, but maybe thats just me.

This is a great idea.

I third the motion.

Though I would like to add the potential for changing the statistics of modules in sand box mode, As is It takes several back and forth iterations to play around with modules to see what certain stats do. Then I’m afraid I’ll manage to lose the original files with the current canon statistics.

Make sand box mode unlockable.

patch version 1.28, coming today or tomorrow, lets you issue custom challenges (to yourself if you like) that allow you to customise map size, pilots, budget, supply limits, background, anomalies etc…



this is lingering around for a while…
i’m sure cliffski will do something about it.


damn, cliffski was faster…

a subtle difference cliffski. Your newest addition allows custom maps, which is nice (I predict 2 main things to show up. More pilots for fighter swarms, and more “You must have engines” anomalies.), but not on topic. What is proposed here is the ability to deploy/control both fleets that are going to fight each other, At the same time. The goal being to quickly run several scenario’s without the delay of issuing challenges to yourself, especially if you’re only changing minor details. (opps. I forgot to change the Ideal range on those ships…)

It would help with my top secret theorycrafting which i want to find out what the different stats actually do. :slight_smile:

It would also let you play hotseat against a friend, which could be very fun, and might even let each person who owns the game convince someone else to buy it…

There are technical issues which make that harder than it sounds, so in the short term, issuing a challenge to yourself is the easiest way to do two-sided battles…

I demand that Neo-Rome, Capital of the Empire Be built in an Hour. I’ll even help. Here’s a broken plastic spork. Good luck.

Seriously, No Worries. Waiting is.


Thanks cliffski!

So we finally get a pony and someone wants to point out that we asked for a black pony with white patches not this white pony with black patches… Ok, ok, I admit that I too would like to fight my own fleets without being connected to the internet, but that’s mostly theoretical. I mean, when am I not connected to the 'net?

The ability to set all map conditions will improve our ability to experiment with self-challenge posts as well as cause a massive number of black hole anomalies swallowing all ships slower than .2

Um, in case you didnt notice, the sandbox mode was asked for first, before cliffskis reply. The others just pointed out this wasnt quite what was asked. If you do one thing wrong, you have to make a whole new challange. If you want to change fighters, make a new one. How many of these do you want to eventually scroll through? Also, this addition could make it a perfect laptop game, as it is easy to be away from the internet if traveling. Or your connection goes and you have a great idea. O you just want more freedom.

Im not complaining that we are getting custom challanges (Woot!). just pointing out how sandbox is different, yet again. If its too hard to implemet though, its too hard. Its Cliffskis time, after all.

It would be nice to have a ‘Challenge Yourself’ button on the Deployment Screen. This button would remove the fleet on the right side of the screen and move the fleet on the left side (that you deployed) to the right side. Afterwards you can deploy the opposing fleet.

I was thinking about posting a topic suggesting a sandbox mode, but luckily I found this thread first. It would be invaluable for testing specific aspects of ship designs and fleet combinations. Not to mention loads of fun creating your own custom gratuitous battles.

Since it would be a hard concept to add, if it would take time for it to be implemented I am perfectly willing to wait whatever amount of time is necessary. If it’s not feasible, however, I can live with the challenging yourself option. :slight_smile:

I’m new to the board and I am loving this game. Keep the DLC coming. I want it all!