A Small loan

I was wondering if there would be a emergency loan or if they allowed the cars to sale before foreclosing on the business or a way to layoff workers in order for you to make a little money or even stop production before you get bankrupted.

It would be nice if there was a slightly softer route into bankruptcy - suspending new parts until you’re solvent again or something. Sometimes you’re right on the edge of keeping above water and a car takes a little longer to sell than you’ve hoped and BAM!, game over.

I’m all for punishing players, but this instadeath feels a bit brutal.

Yeah the sudden death element is definitely not finished and very much placeholder. i think it makes sense to have loan options, as is common in many business games. it might also be fun to have the option to sell off all your car showroom stock at a big discount in an emergency. (Obviously you can do that manually now, but I’m thinking about if you leave it too late)

This caught me out many a time. Sudden death.

A few little tips. Some are obvious so apologies in advance

  1. Give youself a minimum operating capital (200k was mine)
  2. Use the car sell price slider as a balance tool, keeping 20 cars in a showroom and dropping the price if you need a cash injection, increase the price if you are doing fine.
  3. Easiest panic sell is your research, build up a nice bank of them when you are cash rich.

Hope that helps