A social event for literature and poetry lovers

I noticed that some of my in-game friends had interests in literature and/or poetry, but there didn’t seem to be any social event geared to people with those interests. So I made one.

This social event is called a poetry slam. If you haven’t heard of them, a slam is a poetry reading where selected members of the audience rate each poem on a 10-point scale, so it’s a contest. They’re usually open to anybody who wants to participate, so it’s kind of like open mike night for poets, with judging and prizes.

If you want this event in your game, put the following in your social_event.csv file:

#,NORMAL,poetryslam,Poetry Slam,“Like open mike night, only for poetry.”,exhibition,"_random,1.0",How about coming along to that poetry slam at the coffeehouse?,0,15,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,“poetry,1.0”,“literature,0.9”,“culture,0.5”,#,“stress,-0.1,0.2”,“culture_arts,0.07,_CULTURE_DEGRADE”,“boredom,-0.25,0.5”,#,"_energy,0.1",

I’ve tested this in my game, and it works for me.

This mod doesn’t seem to work. I copied your code for it and added it like I have with others with Notepad in the correct file, saveed it and then ran the program and this is what come up.

It worked fine for me. Thanks, Corylea - it’s great to have a new event.

rock_chick, I don’t know what to suggest, really. Hope you find out what you were doing wrong! I have only very basic modding skills, so I know how frustrating it is when things go wrong!

I got it to work by changing it to this, basically just adding an " at the end.

#,NORMAL,poetryslam,Poetry Slam,"Like open mike night, only for poetry.",exhibition,,,"_random,1.0",How about coming along to that poetry slam at the coffeehouse?,0,15,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,-1,#,"poetry,1.0","literature,0.9","culture,0.5",#,"stress,-0.1,0.2","culture_arts,0"

Nice added activity Corylea, ty :slight_smile: