A socialist paradise where everyone is enormously wealthy

Hi Cliff,

Just wanted to share the results of my game, 49 turns in. Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but either way it is great. We have a socialist paradise and everyone is just enormously wealthy.

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haha. Thats amazing. You seem to have taken a sensibly slow path there… any close calls with disaster on the way?


I had the debt crisis event, which was great because it let me ram through capital controls. I’ve played Dem 3 long enough to know that you’ll just get assassinated if you’re impatient ;). I’ve played a few more hours since, and finally been able to get around the problem of tax evasion my shifting the tax burden onto maxed out property, inheritance and luxury goods taxes. I also had to resort to legalizing all drugs at one point to get revenues from the legal drugs consumption taxes. My issue was how maxed out the GDP was as well so it was really a zero sum game of taxes and spending at that point.

Hello, do you have any tips like policies and that for playing socialist? This is my first time playing democracy and to avoid the businesses leaving the country I’ve had to turn down taxes and such, making me pretty centre-right.

The trick is timing. Corporate taxes is the toughest one to bump up without getting things to blow up in your face. Use a debt crisis to implement capital controls to get rid of the corporate exodus. But the trick is not to trigger one until you’re ready. Make sure you have the right Ministers in place that are loyal and bump your capital per turn. And make sure you’re getting a popularity boost which is easy when implementing re-distributive policies. Make sure you are implementing policies that boost GDP like small business grants early on. You have to be patient, and make more people socialist and drag the overton window left.