A very easy first win

Hey peeps!

Just got the game, and first of all - I love it! So many new features are noticeable and make the game noticeably better. I never bought any of the DLCs for D3 so it was fun to play with the electioneering features, although they ended up not being that… necessary.

Because I was polling at 95%, and my GDP was 100%.

I was attempting to run as Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, although sometimes poorly as I had to recall how some parts of the game (or politics in general, LOL) worked. For example, I made labour laws more pro-employer trying to solve the gig economy because I misunderstood the red line, wasting a turn… At first my socialist attempts had some obvious effects on GDP and caused some other natural problems. Good, I thought.

But when I implemented helicopter money, just enough to increase GDP 6% without much inflation, nearly all of my problems just… faded. I taxed the hell out of the rich without an impact on my GDP, which in turn went to fixing the deficit and nationalising whatever I could. Somehow, I also increased the life expectancy by 60%?! I guess the average lifespan now is 120 years?

I passed some rigorous liberal policies on abortion and schools (etc.), and the religious, conservatives and patriots seemed to hate me for it. But when the (second) election rolled around? Well…

Now I like being re-elected, but this shouldn’t ever happen in a realistic simulation.

Notably, I didn’t do anything to decrease democracy. In fact, I increased democracy by lowering term limits. Overall, I was a staunch liberal socialist, who didn’t do anything to please my political opponents (except for getting rid of the illegal immigration crisis, I guess?). What is going on here? If necessary, I could send over my savegame if that helps.

Hi, sorry for the delay in seeing this post. Obviously the game is still in early access, so we are still adding new countries AND balancing the game, so expect things to get more balanced with each update.
Also be aware that each country plays differently and some are much harder than others, so its definitely worth trying the latest version, and some other countries :smiley:

Keep in mind that every citizen belongs to several groups, so if someone is upset as a religious but very happy as a commuter and a poor, probably he will vote for you.

At the same time turnout of your rival is low, so many people who would vote for them keep at home instead. You can see this effect on the patriot, religious and conservatives bars. Wealthy people, on the other hand, are so upset that they do vote for your rival, leading to a higher turnout that the former groups.