A wee wish list

Greetings from a Newbie! Please excuse me if I’m covering old ground (and not using the correct terminology).

When playing Challenges, I was wondering if the same information as is available in the built-in battles could be offered? Specifically, the Credit/Cost and the Number of Pilots. It would just give a person a chance to more accurately assess if they’re wading into a major fleet engagement or a quick duel.

Would it be possible to save a fleet deployment through out the Race? It rather frustrates me that I make up a decent, generic fleet mix but can only save it within the framework of the one Battle. I realize each Battle requires its own tweaking, but it would save a lot of re-re-redeployment time to have the “alpha-one” fleet available with a click. I envisage a list of saved fleet deployments available whenever I log into a specific Race. Obviously, the Federation fleet deployments would not be in the list if I’ve switched to Swarm.

This last isn’t a suggestion, but I can’t see where else to post it. While exploring this forum, I was alarmed to discover the wild world of Mods. Alarming, because I barely have time in a day to play GSB. I surely do not have time and energy to invest in pimping out my space fleet to personal ideas. I will only be playing GSB “right out of the box”. My questions: Where are mods allowed? Are mods allowed in the Challenges? Will I be crushed repeatedly by using plain jane ships? Is there a way already to identify a “classic” formation vs a customized fleet? If not, could there be?

Overall, very enjoyable game. I’ve unlocked all there is to unlock and crave more, but c’est le guerre.


With the mods, if someone has installed the mod correctly, then it will show up in what DLC were used. If you don’t have a file saying you have that mod, then you can’t play the challenge.


Your comment, and some subsequent further reading in the “Mod Squad Section”, cleared up a lot for me.

I’d like to add that a couple of days further research have me understanding the lay of the land even more. I spoke in haste with my “wee list”. I have a better understanding (hardly perfect, but better) of GSB mods now. Sorry to have said what I said, but bad experiences out in the wilds of the interwebs made me jump to conclusions.

Ad astra!