Ability to write a description for your ship designs.

I was just thinking, it’d be very useful if there was a little dialog box in design mode where you could write some notes about what you’ve made this specific design for. Then when you’re playing the game a month later, it’ll be easy to remember the precise differences between designs. Also, it’d make distinguishing two cruisers on the same hull easier. You could add ‘View Notes’ to the context menu on ships in deployment mode so as not to have to swap into design mode to read them.

Even if the space provided was just the equivalent of one small paragraph (250-300 characters?), that is a damn fine idea. Seconded!

/signed with a platinum and silver pen

I have just recently joined the following as a GSB gamer (Full w/ALL Xpacs) - I second (or fourth - or whatever the count is now) the motion!



Sixth. Getting way too many fed ships to keep track of them all.

Do want

I like this idea, if there is a little space on the screen where we can have a box with a scrollbar where we can read what we have written as the description? that would be great!

I like that plan!