This post is going to be confusing but I how someone knows the answer.

I dont like the musicianship part of the game it just gets on my nerves so I set it on config so it would max straight away. However I have edited lots on config because I am a total cheat. But I am not justifying myself simply saying I have screwed up a little. Becuase even after practicing my musician skill the following day its on zero. I am not that bothered if I cant max out the skill, I just want it to degrad slower. Heres the bit of the config.

//fraction by which a musican closes in from his current ability to his maximum ability when he practices
//(and for ambitious people)

you can see what I did. I dont know if I messed this up by doing somthing elseware in config, but I cant find it.

I will try going back to normal rates and see if my above problem stops and will post again.

If anyone can help would be good.


Add on

I tryed what I said above and it did not work. so I must have done somthing elsewhare I will look.

And for those that are thinking it. I did save the original config so if I cant work it out. I can always go back to that :stuck_out_tongue:

hello Zarko and welcome to the forum you idiot.

//amount that learning an instrument is maintained over time.

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Whereby you solved your own problem within six minutes, you no longer hafta label yourself an idiot.

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Okay then,
I have been trying all day to figure out these rates.
okay so…

//positive or negative effect that a better/worse studio has during rehersals.

//maximum positve rehearsal effect on motivation

//minimum positve rehearsal effect on motivation

I have been changing these numbers all day but it always makes my band more tired/ deppressed. i guess i shouldnt have fooled with them in the first place but i wanted to make them happier…
sigh… please help