Abolishing taxes can increase crypto adoption

Right now, Income and Sales Tax both increase Cryptocurrency Adoption at high levels, and decrease it at low levels. I think this is supposed to represent the idea that high taxes will push more people to use cryptocurrency.

However, since having low taxes reduces crypto adoption, this means that abolishing Income or Sales Tax actually increases crypto adoption (if they had been set low). Maybe instead, those taxes should always increase crypto adoption, and the default adoption rate should be lowered to compensate.

PS: The Flat Income Tax has no effect on Cryptocurrency Adoption. Since the normal Income Tax does, than maybe it also should?


These are good observations.

It is a very good observation and I agree this is something Cliff should look at tweaking.

In the meantime I have created a mod to do these very things:

Here are the override files if you are a non-steam user.
IncomeTax_on_InternetCurrencyAdoption.ini (113 Bytes)
SalesTax_on_InternetCurrencyAdoption.ini (112 Bytes)
FlatIncomeTax_on_InternetCurrencyAdoption.ini (117 Bytes)


Yikes, well spotted… i shall fix it :smiley:


Flat Tax also don’t have affect on GDP compered to Income Tax, despite bringing more income than income tax.