About difficulty sliders and options

Hey guys, i surched everywhere on the forums and on the steam manual but there are no explanations so far of what every sliders and options does.

So i was wondering what exactly does in the game:

-Compulsory Voting
-Political Apathy
-Innate Socialism
-Innate Liberalism

Thx everyones.

More innate socialism/liberalism your game will start with more membership of socialist/liberal and vise versa.
Your minister will also more focus on socialism/liberalism/capitalist/religious too.

This is correct.
Monarchy is a setting that dictates if certain dilemmas and events take place which require that country to have a monarchy, a bit like the earthquakes setting.
Compulsory voting means a 100% turnout on election day, which makes the game play differently and means the party screen is no longer necessary to be honest.

So the Monarchy setting would work better with the UK rather than Germany or France?

And for the Political Apathy how it goes?