About Events

The new game is great, and i just started converting some of my old mods to the new format (while changing them to be more balanced and realistic as i realise some of them were a little too crazy).

I like the new dilemma/event effects format and the possibilities it introduces
(PlaySound,Gameover etc.) and i have an idea :

Maybe it would be interesting to introduce some randomizing command wchich you could place inside the dillema or event text, in a similar way to or commands?
I think it could improve immersion greatly,as the current event texts are becoming a little too boring after a few gameplays (the same nobel for chemistry over and over again, the same miracle operation etc.) .
Maybe it would be possible to place a new tag in the dilemma/event file, called [Random] , with a list of words of sentences from wchich the computer would randomly choose one, for example:

One of our brightest citizens has won the Nobel Prize for


Nice idea, I will put that on my list of things to do.