About making a new avatar?

Ok so i read the tutorial in the main site but there are still some
issues with these… apparently dds format has a few settings and
i should know cause i made mods for other games with dds such
as bf1942.

Ok so first of all i have Poser 7, and PaintShopPro 11 (with the plugin)

Here’s the picture i want to use as an avatar:

img180.imageshack.us/img180/1176 … ullry3.jpg

(i know the background should be black or whatever but this is just to
show you)

these are the settings when saving as dds:


Are those settings (default) correct? How exactly do you do the dds picture?
I just pasted the three moods at x: 512/3 each time…

so help me out here. My first attempt didnt work (it didnt display correctly)

Please give me full instructions for the next steps.

might be mipmaps, turn off the mipmap generation and give it a try, that should do it.

hm… well the proportions are right this time… but i dont have a
transparent background… the avatar shows, but the background
is the same of the dds file… why is that?

hmmm I’m not sure, although I do also have trouble making a dds using paintshop pro (i use an old version though). I use photoshop, and the dds plugin for that, with the same options you have (no mipmaps though).

I see… well i dont have photo shop… Ok since this is the first time
i do this here she is:

Its Sydney from Poser 7. Was wondering if you’d be kind enough to convert
it and publish it… that’d be nice :slight_smile:


I’ll try and do it tomorrow. Cheers. Do you have a full face one as a backdrop? the game assumes both exist, otherwise it will complain about missing files.

Oh yea, the face… i completely forgot about that… well
here it is:


Thanks cliffski

ooops, sorry it took so long:



:laughing: :laughing: Gorgeous :laughing: :laughing:

Not 100% smooth as the ones you made… but then again u did
it from just a picture… nice job