About ship and missile speed?


I would be interessed how ship speed and missile speed are measured an if they are compareable. I mean the maximum ship speed that is displayed in the top right box of the ship design center. For my curisers it’s in the beginning for example given as a number of 0,17. Does the cruiser always travels with maximum speed?

Do I a click a missile weapon, e.g. the cruiser missle launcher, the speed of the missile is displayed in the weapon info box in the lower left corner of the ship design center. In this case it’s given as a number of 0,15.

Unfortunately no measuring units are displayed for the attribute “speed”! Based on the two examples stated above I have to guess that my crusier is able to “travel” faster than the missile he lauches with his cruiser missle laucher. But I can’t believe that this would make sense at all. The two numbers can’t obviously compared directly, can they?

Moreover it would be interesting to know what a ship speed of 0,17 means exactly. I would like to know how much time my crusier needs to pass for example a distance of 500. Just with this piece of information I would be able to express the advantage of my long range missile weapon towards my short range blaster (for example). I know that this fact is just relevant right at the beginning of a fight were the distance between oponent ships is far. With measuring units it would be, nevertheless, possible to express or calculate the advantage exactly.

An other “off-topic” question is if the penetration rates have an influence on dmg too, or does the rates only determine if the weapon has the power to break the shield / armor (= to do dmg) or not to do dmg?

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Admiral Thrawn

Missile speed appears to be the range unit per time unit (which I think is 1/1000th of a second), so Meters/millisecond.

A megaton missile (0.12 speed) just barely clears it’s minimum range circle (300m) before it manages to reload (2600 time units). 0.12 meters/millisecond * 2600 time units = 312 meters, so that seems pretty accurate.

Ship speeds are in a different scale, judging by fighters. 0.52 “speed” antifighter missiles have no trouble catching up with 3.0 “speed” fighters.

Penetration is binary. Extra penetration does not influence damage.