About Spain

I am gonna talk about some things about Spain:
1.-Common taxes seem acurate enough except for capital gains tax, that seems too low. Also it should start with health food subsidies reflecting that the sales tax aplied to fruit and vegetables is 4%, and maybe a small tax credit on both education and healthcare reflecting that sales tax doesn’t aply to those terms.
2.-Tobaco tax seems to low, taking in acount that the real tax for cigarettes is around 50% and for bulk tobaco 41%.
3.-Spain doesn’t have a tax on crypto, the only thing that does about crypto is imposing the same taxes as on euros.
4.-Spain has a wealth tax, that goes up to a 2,5%
5.-In Spain you can choose to give 0,7% of your income tax to the catholic church, so maybe it should have religous tax.
6.-I don’t see why Spain shouldn’t start with Compulsory Foreing Language Classes, taking in acount that students study English since they enter the school and in high school they can learn another languages like Portuguese, French or German.
7.-Mandatory Microgeneration is a thing in Spain, if you are planning a new building you have to suply almost all your warm water needs through solar.
8.-In one of the state channels there is a religious broadcast called “El Día del Señor” and the catholic church has one private channel called 13TV, so maybe it should start with religious broatcast.
9.-Maybe it should start with a small amount of school vouchers reflecting the 15% of schools that are non religious charter schools.
10.-Hunting restrictions seem low, here you have to get a license in order to go hunting and you can do it only in certain seasons.
11.-Maternity leave also seems low, it is of full pay for 16 weeks for both parents.
12.-Subsidies on unions are a thing at maybe the policy should be implemented low.
13.-Although sex work isn’t technically illegal it isn’t legalize either.
14.-Although it is legal to grow small amounts of cannabis for yourself I think it shouldn’t be set to fully legallized.
15.-It has been aproved very recent, but now there is right to die in Spain.
16.-We have a state run high-speed rail.
17.-It may be too little to implement, but Spain has a physilical wal in the border with Morocco.

Those are the things that I see that maybe need a little change.
And for the last thing let me ask sorry for my English if is seems a bit bad.

Is Stated Run high speed rail not covered by state rail? I thought the HSR subsidies were in addition to that.

I say these because the current cost of the state rail company doesn’t seem to take it in acount, it seems too low.
For example, this year, 2021, the state is going to invest 1,828 billion € in conventional rail, in the game are around 400 million € and the investment in high speed rail 2,877 billion €.

It’s 400 millions per quarter in game, 400 millions * 4 = 1,6 billion per year

Yeah, my fault. But the thing that I meant to say it’s that the amount spent in high-speed rail was clearly not covered.