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I think actual categories are fine, but you should add subcaterogies in the main UI and in the Policy ideas pannel to help find what player want quicker.

Pannel ideas
Just adding subcategories buttons in each categories in welfare something like: Health, Education, Culture and so on and when you click Health, the policy idead related to this topic drag under the subcategory in economy category I suggest to go by economical sector: RGO, agriculture, heavy industry, energy, hi-tech industry, consumer good, union, market regulation,

Main UI
Put the same subcategories in the main UI but make them act like ‘‘nods’’, for example, Education nod is here and if I want to see it in detail, if I drag my mouse over the nod, the related stuff appears. Would be smooth to use and cleaner in the interface because a biiiiiig amount of circles everywhere looks like a bit a mess and player waste a fair amount of time to find what they’re looking for.

If you have 5 or 6 sub categories in each ‘‘grand categories’’ everything will look nice and what every policy or event fuels could be shown from the main nod (subcategory) and when your mouse stays above a nod and all the related policy (or crisis or other stuff like that related to the nod) have their own little nod (circle) that appears linked to the main nod and the stuff they all fuels move from the main nod to the little circle

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Is this forum the most convenient place for us to post bugs if we find them?

Yes. :slight_smile:

I’d like a bit more order about where to post things - I’m currently playing it quite a bit, finding bits and pieces, and I feel like just having this one category to post it in would spam up the place!

And in that I mean a “Bugs” “Policy” “Other” suggestion categories (maybe sub categories if needed i.e policy could be easily split, other could have an election tag etc).

I agree.

Hello “cliffski”. Forgive this intrusion, but I need to let you know about how I feel about your Work. I admire what you have achieved with “Democracy 4”. It seems to be a rare production in the virtual gaming world. I see wonderful new possibilities in it…a role in the Evolution of a Better Humanity (at least in the United States)

I tried to find a way to email you out of my personal registry corner here, but couldn’t find a path to you. Is there a possibility that we could establish email contact? My email is scolos@tutanota.com If you can find the time, please respond to me there.

I would like to enquire of you the possibilities of a “Positech” production version of “Democracy 4” that focuses on and is wrapped in, a Direct Democracy, or Collective Governance category. We Direct Democratists could sure use a way to sharpen what We have learned in the good Civics Courses, We have taken, in order to become Better Citizens. And so much of the incredible detail work has been done in “Democracy 4”…or so it seems, from what I have seen of it so far. I watched “Valus” (?) play with it on “You Tube”.

For more about this, go to “A Video Game To Help Evolving Direct Democracy Citizens Practice What They Have Learned In Their Civic Education”. – Paths Of New Tribalism

Hoping you will find the time to respond. Respectfully Submitted, Daniel Donnason Jones (Dan 1)


He’s on a break for a week now, I think, unless I am mistaken. You’ll have to wait till he comes back.


Thank you, “Chantern15”. I will wait.


And wait.


Would you like to tag Cliffski?

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Hello, Silviu200530. Thank you for your response. It seems like “Cliffski” has not responded to my query because he is very busy right now. This is quite understandable. Being somewhat of a passive nature, I am more comfortable with waiting for a possible response from “Cliffski”, than pestering him.

Eventually, he might just surprise me, with a positive response.

Meanwhile, I have plenty to do for the “Direct Democracy” cause.

Thank you again, for your interest in this matter.




My My. What an abundance of smiles you have today, Chantern15. It’s good to see your Happiness.


That’s true, but pssst…you also need 6 characters to send a message. :wink:

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@cliffski Would you like to see Dan? :wink:

Let’s see.

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