about to pull out my hair

seriously i have no idea what is going wrong

9/3/2011 - 22::24 - Turret mapping not found [turret_las_v1] ==> [epoch]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 249
19/3/2011 - 22::27 - Turret mapping not found [turret_las_v1] ==> [epoch]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 249
19/3/2011 - 22::32 - Turret mapping not found [turret_las_v1] ==> [epoch]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 249
19/3/2011 - 22::34 - Turret mapping not found [turret_las_v1] ==> [epoch]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 249
19/3/2011 - 22::36 - Turret mapping not found [turret_las_v1] ==> [epoch]:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp 249

yet there isn’t a turret_las_v1 anywhere in my epoch folder that i am aware of… not in the race file or in the turret folder.

please god any help would be welcome

thats the problem ^^

you need the folowing turrets and mapping for the race to work:

[turrets] turret_auto_v1 = fed_turret_auto_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,0 turret_auto_v2 = fed_turret_auto_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,1 turret_auto_v3 = fed_turret_auto_v3.dds,turrets_federation.dds,2 turret_auto_v4 = fed_turret_auto_v4.dds,turrets_federation.dds,3 turret_auto_v5 = fed_turret_auto_v5.dds,turrets_federation.dds,4 turret_auto_v6 = fed_turret_auto_v6.dds,turrets_federation.dds,5 turret_bull_v1 = fed_turret_bull_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,6 turret_bull_v2 = fed_turret_bull_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,7 turret_bull_v3 = fed_turret_bull_v3.dds,turrets_federation.dds,8 turret_bull_v4 = fed_turret_bull_v4.dds,turrets_federation.dds,9 turret_las_v1 = fed_turret_las_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,10 turret_las_v2 = fed_turret_las_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,11 turret_las_v3 = fed_turret_las_v3.dds,turrets_federation.dds,12 turret_las_v4 = fed_turret_las_v4.dds,turrets_federation.dds,13 turret_las_v5 = fed_turret_las_v5.dds,turrets_federation.dds,14 turret_miss_v1 = fed_turret_miss_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,15 turret_miss_v2 = fed_turret_miss_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,16 turret_miss_v3 = fed_turret_miss_v3.dds,turrets_federation.dds,17 turret_miss_v4 = fed_turret_miss_v4.dds,turrets_federation.dds,18 turret_miss_v5 = fed_turret_miss_v5.dds,turrets_federation.dds,19 turret_pd_v1 = federation_turret_pd_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,22 turret_pd_v2 = federation_turret_pd_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,23 tractor_turret_v1 = tractor_turret_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,27 tractor_turret_v2 = tractor_turret_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,29 turret_plasma_v1 = plasma_turret_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,24 turret_plasma_v2 = plasma_turret_v2.dds,turrets_federation.dds,25 turret_plasma_v3 = plasma_turret_v3.dds,turrets_federation.dds,26 turret_plasma_v4 = plasma_turret_v3.dds,turrets_federation.dds,26 turret_ecm_v1 = fed_turret_ecm_v1.dds,turrets_federation.dds,31

tip: instead of creating stuff from the ground up, take something that is similar to what you want and modify what you want. then save as a new.

grumble grumble… son of a !@#$!@ !#!@!@#
i simultaneously hate and love you at the same time.

I’m apparently living up to my forum title of space cadet.

thank you…

heh we all start at cadet. Besides, its not as bad as when I pointed my race to a list of names that didn’t exist and I got like 30 errors every single battle and never noticed that none of my ships had names…

[-philosophical shrug-] Real boats rock, you know?

BTW…welcome to Gratuitous Modding, arkcane!

Turret mapping guide

Also, if you are creating brand new types of turrets (instead of just substituting over turret_auto_v1, turret_bull_v1, etc.), you will need additional icons in the “bitmaps/modules” folder for the new turrets or the game will crash after every battle ends. This bug had me pulling out my hair when I was making custom turret types for my beastslayers mod.
Go here and scroll down to “Instructions to make your modded weapons compatible with v1.50”.