About Tractor Beam

Well, the question is simple, anyone knows for sure wats the purpose of the Tractor Beam txt file values? i mean , for example, beampower, beamweight, powerusage, etc??

…and can it be modded into something DESTRUCTIVE? :slight_smile:

Like, can a “damage = X” variable be added?

As far as I know, no.
However, the idea for a crush beam that does damage based on the mass of the ship targeted HAS been suggested, and i belive Cliff liked the idea

Beam weight is the amount of weight added to the target its shooting, power usage is of how much power it uses. not sure what beampower is though

Wat u mean about the power usage?? the values are 0 and 1?? 0 = no power? or wat? -.- i am trying to test some different values but i cant see any sustantial different, i am a bit confused -.- i cant make a different purpose tractor beam while i dont have any idea wats the purpose of all of the parameters…

About the tractor with dmg ability, its not unusual, the Borg already used that kind of tractors -.- but i think a tractor that add dmg will be a bit overpowered. U will kill the fighters in seconds… the tractor will be then much much higher in cost, but still… its hard to balance a tractor that adds dmg.

Sounds lovely to me. I fail to see the problem. :smiley:

easy, imagine u are fighting against a squad of 10 fighters, u will kill all of em in 10 seconds more or less xD id u put 2 or 3 dmg tractors…

I think you missed the obvious & heavy-handed sarcasm in my previous post, friend. :wink: Anything that instantaneously grinds fighters into a thin paste, while being most pleasing to me, will no doubt incur the ire of those looking for perfect balance.

The notion of a “crush beam” is something that I’d love to see developed further by Cliffski. Star Fleet Battles featured one race with a unique Tractor/Repulsor beam weapon that literally pushed and pulled the target hundreds of times per second. That made for an interesting weapon; doubly so because it was also able to function as a normal tractor beam device as well.

At this point it’s looking very likely that if further insight about the tractor beam’s stats are desired, your best bet is to directly ask Cliffski. If you receive a detailed reply, please share the answers here in this thread. Thanks!

I found the relevant Tractor Beam data in our “Modding 101” guide, stickied right at the top of the Mod Forum. Go here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5220#p34370

That stickied guide is a very useful resource. All of us should refer to it more often, myself included.

i already read that guide, but i didnt remember the tractor values were present, or maybe i had the old one guide. BTW thx for the reminder, that solved all my doubts!. Still, i dont know some things, like, when a tractor weapon stops firing, or when a cycle is “ended”, btw i dont know wat is a “cycle” lol. Maybe a “cycle” means the ammount of time of the tractor is working?

Since i wrote the discriptions in that modding guide ages ago, i think i better explain what i ment:
Based on my modding and meddling, this is how I understand how beam works.

Take for example the standard tractor beam
beamweight = 16
beampower = 4000
powerusage = 1
powerrecharge = 0.65

Step throught the process (very simply)
Target comes into range - engage tractor and add 16 to the ships weight

Beam has 4000 power and is depleted at the rate of 1 per “time unit”
(Therefore the beam lasts 4000 “time units”.)

Once the beam power hits zero the beam shuts down and begins to recharge at 0.65 “time units”
The beam has to reach full power before it can fire again

therefore the beam will take 6153 “time units” before it can fire again

Rinse Repeat

THX A lot!