Accepting Challenges: Fighters

When accepting a challenge off of the challenge board, if the opposing fleet has no fighters, my first inclination is to also go with no fighters.

The reason for this is that, their frigate/cruiser configuration could be fighter-deadly. If I go with no fighters, there’s a chance that the opponent has wasted some resources in defending against non-existent fighters.

On the other hand, some of these fighterless fleets are wide open to laser or rocket fighter attack, and not going with the fighters could make an easy win difficult.

Always, on the 2nd time around on a challenge, one is more aware of what the opponent is deploying, fighter-wise. The trick is in making a good fighter decision on the first challenge attempt.

If I’m presenting a challenge to the board, more often than not my own fighters will be for fighter superiority, and in an escort role. It’s dicey setting a large fighter force out there, without escort orders, and having it automatically thrown into the fray, and chewed up versus a challengee.

You could leave a fighter force untethered (no escort orders), and have it set to attack frigates, or attack fighters, and it will get lucky in some battles, not so much in others.

Again, when presenting a challenge does it have any chance of defeating the opponent on the opening try?

The key is whether your fighters can win, on either side of the challenge; that crucial first matchup. Winning on the 2nd or 3rd try is not important.

Paper rock scissors. Or in this case a coin toss. Either your opponent is prepared for fighters or not. In my case, I’m an advocate of armored hulls to ward off fighter swarms. I doubt it could be considered a waste of resources (Well beyond the usual inefficiency of armor), being able to bounce cruiser lasers is also kinda nice.

This is actually an easy decision.

If the enemy skips fighters, then it is a safe choice to also skip fighters. Think about it:
Case (1): The enemy has no fighter defence. Well, unless you’re a bit crazy, neither do you, so you’re on an even footing.
Case (2): The enemy has fighter defence. You do not. Since no fighters are in the battle, you have an advantage.
So the worst outcome is balance, and the best is a advantage to you… Positive! You can’t lose this gamble (unless your opponent stashed a stack of 200 fighters somewhere you didn’t notice :wink:

If you took a fighter heavy deployment, then you have placed yourself at a disadvantage supposing he has heavy enough fighter defences to kill your fighters at less cost. Supposing he didn’t… Then you’re still in danger as he might be a rush fleet that could potentially wipe your cruisers and wipe the battle before your fighters can finish the job. So this is more of a balanced risk - you CAN lose this gamble.

That said… I’ll often take fighters anyway, just for the fun of it.

although lame, sometimes I just bring a few fighters to see how plasma and missiles waste firepower on them.

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