Achievement bugs

  1. Battle architect seems to trigger for everyone who owns the game for some reason.
  2. Battle Veteran and Battle Hero has the wrong text, Medium is not a difficulty level anymore.
  3. (Related to 2?) I guess you are supposed to get Battle Veteran after completing the 10 campaign missions on Normal? Does not happen (description says, as mentioned «Medium», which is not a difficulty anymore.

Thanks for a good game.

The second mission also only has an option for normal difficulty making the achievements for beating all 10 missions on hard and expert un-achievable. Also am 9/10 on the normal achievement after replaying every mission as mentioned above.

Thanks, I’m looking at and fixing these right now…

I believe the achievement, “Cultural Ambassador” is also broken along with “Shipyard Manager”. I have completed every campaign mission with 2 separate races, and I have gained no progress towards it, it also has a 0% completion rate on steam. Similarly, I also gain no progress on Shipyard Manager for designing any ship and it too has a 0% completion on steam. Last 2 achievements I need! Thanks for all the hard work.

Thanks…fixing now…