Action Triggers

I would like to see implemented system of condition triggers for orders.

Something, like triggers:
Own fleet damaged to 50%
Enemy fleet damaged to 50%
Fleet engaged (cruisers start firing at cruisers, or biggest ship slass in my fleet start trading shots with giggest clas of ships in enemy fleet).
Actual ship or squadron damaged to 50%

And it could work in a way, that ships would have general orders, that would work as now all orders.

But you could place orders relative to trigger, and ships would follow the orders only when that condition is met (or not met). For example when big ship engage, bombers start engaging frigates and cruisers.
Or frigates and fighters could hold formation with cap ships, until fleet engages, and then fregates would resume formation, when fleet is damaged

It could enrich tactical game play a lot, and also if there will be any sort of scenarion, where player would need more surviving ships, then there would need to be some sort of more advanced system how to preserve ships, than just cautious.

I’ve thought of that too. Instead of the current (flawed, in my opinion) system, allow for trigger-reaction orders. Such as, fighters hold formation until enemy in range or attacked, frigates start manuevering if enemy within certain range, condition-dependant behavior changes not limited to “withdraw from battle”, etc. The various behavior patterns could also use refining and additions. Such as “battle group” orders, essentially leaderless formations. Volley orders for cooperative firing ships to maximize damage. Attack priorities selected per weapon type, too. There are many things that can be improved.

I think that it is a regular proposal (I think I spoke of it in September, and have seen other post in that sence since). It seems to be a direction toward which Cliffski does not wish go to at present time.