Activating GSB with Steam

I have GSB, the Tribe, and the Order all purchased and installed directly through Positech Games. Is it possible to activate them on Steam using a registration code? Steam tells me the code I received in my initial order of GSB was invalid, and I’d like to be able to purchase The Swarm on Steam. Is it possible to add GSB to my Steam games library via that cd key? If not, I’ll be more than happy to buy directly from Positech and support this wonderful game further, but I was just curious.



It isn’t currently possible to do this I’m afraid :frowning:

i simply dont understand why people want to use Steam for this game

buy directly from Cliff,gives him more money…
plus using another software as a middle-man just adds things that can go wrong

People use steam for the same reason they don’t use linux. They as users like things to be easy and unfortunately going to different websites to buy stuff is harder than going to the same one. I buy most of my computer games on Steam now, and if a game isn’t on Steam I usually don’t buy it.

and yes,it is true
notice the vague part mr. Newell said

these problems alone are enough to prevent me from using Steam…
if you add the fact that every game released through steam had SOME additional problems, and that the games forum was suddenly spammed (or had a steam problems section created) by confused steam users that couldnt play because of some strange problem…

Because I bought direct and I’m now regretting it because I can’t get Order for cheap in the Steam sale?

well,GSB is one game where im completely willing to overlook the price difference :smiley:

besides (as you can see), i hate steam with passion,and if Valve didnt make Half-Life,i would bomb them ^^

Why I use Steam? I live in a small city downtown and there are absolutely no outlets that sell anything but bargain box PC games. So if I want a PC game I have to troop to Future Shop, Wallmart or Electronique Boutique. And cross my fingers. Not all the EB’s are carrying PC games, and both Wallmart and Future Shop are rather iffy. And why support either of those two superstores over Steam?

Plus Steam sometimes has pretty good sales and bundles. And it takes paypal.
Oh, and I often get older games that I haven’t played and it often has them bundled up like Civ 4+expansions.

Personally I have never had trouble with steam games - Medieval Total War to Civ 4 not to mention halflife.

BTW I did buy GSB straight from Cliffski - but is it any worse to support a AAA game distributer or Steam?


Thanks! I’m more than happy to give you my money directly then. :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

  • It patches my games
  • It gives me one place to buy games from
  • It keeps my games all in one spot i can get back to and download at any time
  • It’s small, unobtrusive, and stable; all that whining about it being crashy and a resource hog is patently false.
  • They give me good deals on stuff, and do so often

Mind telling us why? As i understand, it’s mostly a mater of the dev requesting the feature. If it costs money, i understand then, but…

Why we use steam ?
First all the weekand there are very nice sales (50%-75% off), publicized all kind of game (i found GSB with a banner), extreme support (they are friendly and respond in 1 days of all kind of problems in a lot of lenguages), you can join directly in the server that your friends are playing (just 1 click),usefull interface (you press a botton, and over the game will appear a steam browser, chat and a lot of things, all without close to icon the game) game store with tons of different games, you can create groups (for example GSB group, and all the gsb players can easy play togheter), and it patches the game.

Steam Browser / Chat from In-game and across games is one of the big reasons I like to key as many games to Steam as I can.

I wouldn’t have bought the game if it wasn’t on steam. Over the years I always lose track of physical copies of games or the digital files, but if my games all tied to one username and password on steam, I know I can keep track of it. Steam also seems far too successful to close up shop, so I’m not worried about my games disappearing.

I’m a fan of steam, and understand why people use it, but I’d be wary of getting too used to ‘only’ buying games on steam. Steam is not an open platform, but a privately owned business. They decide what games are, and are not on steam. For example, they won’t sell my game Democracy ( on steam. No idea why.
The great thing about the PC is that anyone can make a game and sell it online. If people only shop at a single store, that kills off that advantage.
Also, has been selling games longer than steam, we aren’t going anywhere either :smiley:

Yes, those are the main reasons why Steam is so successful, everything is which makes life a lot easier and there will come a time when if you are not on Steam you effectively don’t exist, if it is not already here.

Like I said.

The conclusion, for Mark Morris, is that “if you’re not on Steam, you’re not an indie developer of note”.

I know several people miking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from their games (jealous face…) who are not on steam.