Activity disappeared (develop theory)

I am playing as a scientist and have degrees in biology and chemistry so I was given a new solo activity; “Develop a Theory.” It was there for awhile and I was working on it. Then, suddenly, it disappeared from the list of solo activity options. What happened? Fortunately, I have an older saved game that still has it so I guess I will go back to that but I’m concerned the same thing is just going to happen. Any thoughts?



I had a quick squizz in the files: Develop Theory requires you to maintain an IQ above 65% and Science Experience of 50. If either drops below those figures then you won’t be able to Develop Theory again until you’ve brought them back up. I’m pretty sure Science Experience doesn’t drop so it would just be IQ, but it’s been too long to remember :stuck_out_tongue:

SomeGuyInABikini, working on his own thang

Thanks so much for solving the mystery for me. :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure if anybody still posted on this board!