Actor sacked question

My char is an actress, and she gained a nice role, when, after a couple of weeks she has been sacked.

My question is was she she sacked because she didn’t meet the first requisites (those asked when she was looking for a job like: weitgh less than %, muscles more than % or the sacking is based on the requisites for a good performance like: energy, charisma etc… I don’t know if I explained well, english is not my mothertongue, sorry.

and thanks :slight_smile:

What happens when they’re sacked? Does the money stop coming? Does the character get two turns during the weekdays instead of one? What?

When she was sacked my actress went back to the waitress job…

Hi, you can lose your acting job (and only your acting job) i you no longer meet the job pre-requisites that you needed at the interview, AND your average job performance is below 70%. So say you take a job as a ‘slim fashion model actress’, if you pile on the cakes and also put in a bad few days acting, you will lose you job.
Otherwise it would be safe to ‘let yourself go’ in terms of the physical appearance demands of some acting jobs the minute you got the role, which presumably directors and producers will not let you do :smiley:

Thank you for the explanation! I have another question… do the jobs of the actors never end (unless you’re sacked)? I mean… they never finish the movie, right? Also they don’t win anything, like oscars, newspaper or tv interviews, signing autographs… :slight_smile: I mean… how do I know if my actress is famous or not? I can’t?

Evenin’ Centrifuga!

I’m not sure if the jobs ever end as acting is one of the few paths I haven’t really explored, however for many jobs there are “events” and one is “Movie Premiere”, but I don’t believe it explicitly pertains to the movie you are currently acting in [however you must be a fully experienced actor to get an invite :)].

You actress is as famous as you want her to be :stuck_out_tongue:

Wayno, the most famous actress in the whole Kudosphere