Actual Democratic Participation


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How much have you participated in democracy?

I have just returned from the Green Party AGM, and am very involved with them. I’m the the Young Green rep to the Provincial Executive, and the Provincial rep to the Young Green Council, amongst being a part time activist.
I’m currently working on lobbying for two Green MP’s Bills. I also hope to run as a city councillor in 2007, or as a Parliamentary candidate in 2008.

I have thus far boycotted one provincial election and two federal elections due to my distaste of the main parties and the first-past-the-post system. I have voted in one local election but that was only because 1) Our mayor has a fantastic tenure at the city and 2) I wanted to get rid of a crook in our ward really badly. :smiley:

As for whether I’d ever run in elections, no. At least not in my current country of residence. It would be a total waste of time for me to run in a party that wasn’t one of Conservative/Liberal/NDP, all of which I don’t support. The Greens never get any seats here and they never will under first-past-the-post.

I only just turned 18, so I’ve got to wait for the next communal elections here before I can vote, but by that time I’ll be in Denmark, so there’s little point in signing up, since I won’t be able to vote by the time the elections arrive.

And there should be about two-three years before I can vote in Denmark.

Also, I just voted that I never voted… paradox anyone?

What do believe when a liar says he’s lying? :unamused:

Voted in last Quebec (Canada) election. Voted in last 2 federal elections (Canada). Voted in last municipal election, but not the one before (which was the very first time I was allowed to vote)

Was part of my riding’s executive for my political party (provincial), but had to quit for time reasons.