Add an option to deploy the admiral's ship

I just had a crazy idea. What if there was a different game mode where you had the option of deploying an admiral’s ship into battle? Suppose it’s an extra powerful dreadnought with some hull bonuses, extra slots, etc. And of course you can only deploy one per battle.

The downside is that if you lose the admiral’s ship you immediately lose the battle. So the dreadnought becomes sort of like a king in chess where you have to protect it at all times. It could open up some interesting avenues for new strategies besides the bash your enemy’s fleet into little pieces routine.

yes, yes, a very good idea. :smiley:

I’m all for bigger ships…I’m with you too!

Erm, I don’t know about a king type ship in chess, but I have got some… BIG plans for some ships, I have got some large ships coming into GSB via my mod in the modding section, check the Mod Compilation thread