Add Modules automatically

Well, qith these awesome mods around, of course you ever faced a situation where you don’t see any slot available, but when you click to save you receive a warning saying that there still slots left.
So i thought "what about if i could add a module to the design screen without having to drag it to the right place you don’t see :wink: , at first concept, you could ctrl+click the module to add it to a random free slot compatible with the module type and shift+click adding to mass place modules (when you want to make a battlestation).
The situation that generated this thread is:

this is a carrier from Union race, from Cen2050 mod, as you can see there are no free slots VISIBLE, but :

This happens when i try to save it.
If the feature i’m suggesting is already available i’ll not have this problem.
Constructive criticism is welcomed

Ah yes, the starburst carrier from Cen2050 Union Coalition - Resolute Rising Mod

Those modules are tightly packed on that ship. It is quite possible that there is a few modules hidden.
One option you have is to edit your text file (located in \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ships) and add in the modules manualy

An example of a loadout file

name = feds
guiname = Feds
hull = Federation Eagle Cruiser hull

0 = cruiser_laser,
1 = cruiser_laser,
2 = cruiser_laser,
3 = cruiser crew_reinforced,
4 = cruiser_federation_beamlaser,
5 = cruiser shield fastrecharge,
6 = cruiser shield reflective,
7 = cruiser_laser,
8 = cruiser_federation_beamlaser,
9 = cruiser_federation_beamlaser,
10 = cruiser power III,
11 = cruiser power III,
12 = cruiser_engine VI,
13 = cruiser_engine V,
14 = cruiser_nanorepair,
15 = cruiser_armour V,
16 = cruiser_armour V,
17 = cruiser_targetboosterII,[/code]

But creating the loadout file from scratch, is hard to keep mind o how many crew and energy you have left.An application that allows you to place the modules in a table rather than the graphical placement we have now, this application would do the calculations and create that file for you.
In the application you could select the hull you want to create a design for, and then a table would appear, then you select from a list of modules what kind of module you wish to add, once the module is added the program then calculates the “real” parameters of that module on the ship(many ships have power output bonuses,amor bonuses etc) when you select to save, the program will then generate the loadout file for you.
What you think?

Granted, my suggestion is less than ideal as you can only really add armor modules without breaking your design.
Another suggestion is for you to edit the and files and reduce the size of the shapes.

It would then look something like this.

cool, that really solves the matter, how did you made that?