add speed info to deployment screen

I keep having to check the speed of ships I want to deploy by going to the Edit menu–clumsy. It would be cool if in addition to the little outline that appears in the lower left (could that move up, by the way? Be more visible/easier to mouse over to) that shows the modules the speed was visible. This is a key consideration when deploying ships.

Of course it would be even cooler if speed were somehow graphically indicated, along with the various weapon ranges, on the deployment field itself.


Oh and cost too. I know you see rising cost of the total fleet, but having to do a subtraction or go to the edit window is clumsy as well.

Good ideas, I’ll look into getting this done. Maybe expanded tooltips for each ship…

There is also the old: name your ships with their speed and cost option…

I had a problem with that after a while, as it garbled up the names on the deploy screen and after right click-edit back on the deploy screen I sometimes got duplicate vessels that if I tried to click and drag, it selected another ship (the original). I ended up deleting the ships and starting again.

How does this look :smiley:

shiney, anything that can cut down on refferals to the build screen for info will mean lesstime on the setup and more time watching gratuitous explosions

And having the cost pop up means I don’t have to click on the shipas though I’m going to deploy it, look at the difference in fleet cost, then let the ship go without deploying one and reach for my calculator. :slight_smile:



Beside cost maybe have how many more you can deploy from leftover funds?
So cost: 3368 Deploy: 5
Nothing long, just short and simple.

what about showing the info from that screenshoot without having to mouse over the ever growing ship list?

love it! very helpful in keeping certain types of ships together and will compliment the “formation” order very very well.