Added a fuel readout


(for fighters and gunships…) tada!


Speaking of fuel, would you mind telling me what the exact relationship is between fuel and flight time? Do weight and engine power factor in?


what happens if someone mods in gunship shields or somthing like that?


Actually I’m pretty sure the GUI then expands to include all of them, so don’t worry!


Fuel consumption is The distance moved (in meters, or pixels at zoom:1) multiplied by total weight. Engines do not affect the rate of consumption, but that is an interesting idea. Researching fuel-efficient engines could be a worthy goal perhaps?


or a way to make each race more unique


I suggest adding “Fuel Efficiency” as an added metric to that equation. So (DistanceMoved*Weight)/FuelEfficiency. Standard efficiency would be 1, you could have the Fratboy engines have 0.8 efficiency with their high thrust, and introduce a new class of engines with 1.2 efficiency and lower thrust. This will make it easier to get away with smaller fuel tanks on some fighter designs. The low thrust high efficiency engines, with the weight saved from the smaller fuel tanks, will really be a big help to interceptor classes and maybe certain bomber configurations.