Adding a Map View?

Hey all,

I’m new to the forum and new to the game. It seems like a solid piece of work (not in a bad way), but I FREQUENTLY find myself thinking that the main screen is a little bit uninteresting to look at. I don’t mean it isn’t fun. It’s just that I don’t feel like I’m running Britain, or the US, or whatever.

I wonder if any experienced modders out there would give me their opinions about how editable the game is inasmuch as I would like to play around with adding a default screen to the game. I’ll put up a mockup soon of what I would hope it would look like (and some of the functionality it could provide.


Sounds like a good idea i know the feeling

That would be amazing, so that you could influence the amount of education by specifying where a new school be build.

But I think that it is a lot of work, if it is possible. And I don’t think that the developer had this in mind for his game.

I agree that my idea sounds like it might be beyond the intended scope of the game. Then again, is there a post anywhere which says that any mods doing so aren’t encouraged an/or sanctioned? If so, then I still maintain that I am rarely feeling as if I’m running the specific country that I’m supposedly at the helm of. Furthermore, I can’t see that this is an out-and-out good thing. Surely the developers of Street Fighter, Team Fortress, Civilization, etc… intended that the different player characters felt as distinct an experience as possible.

I guess what I’m saying is this: if greater immersion and differentiation is a worthy end, what other means could we employ to achieve it?

I may not be the most skilled coder out there, but I know quite a deal about graphic design, UI/UX, a few web-related scripting languages, and many other things that I’d love to put to use improving the player experience in Democracy 3.

I absolute not intended my statement as a disagreement. It was more of a side note.
If you can pull this off, even partially, it would be amazing and a grate value to the game. And probably groundwork for a lot of other people who want to build a mod.

The only thing that, in my opinion, is missing in the Democracy games is to influence your country directly, like in the geopolitical simulator games.
And with a map mode you are close to achieve something like that. It would be great to influence provinces or states of your country individually with infrastructure, education or housing,

Gotcha. I wasn’t offended by that, I was more trying to cover my bases. You’re not so grumpy a lion after all.