Adding a new career

So if I was to add one more career path to the game, which would you pick?
I’m thinking law-enforcement right now, with police officer, private detective, police chief, narcotics cop etc.
Any other requests?

Better idea, if it’s possible. How about expanding on the game so it can be modded to put in another career path or two? Not sure if it’s possible based on how the game is written at the moment but if it’s not too much work then it could be a good way of getting us lot to add a few career path mods in for you :slight_smile:

actually thats trivial, if the careers arent full of anything especially different. Its mainly a UI change. I shall certainly think about this.

How about a Crime option? Theft, pick-pocketing, mugging, drug dealing, et cetera. Maybe have it raise a new meter like “Criminal Record” instead of “Job Experience”, and legitimate career options wouldn’t accept you if it was too high. Also, the higher your criminal record, the more likely to be picked up by the police, resulting in fines if you don’t have much of a record, or jail time if you do, resulting in a few missed days. Jail time/fines would lower your record, and a solo activity like “Community Service” could lower it even more.

I’ve considered adding the careers myself, but with no downside to crime, it’s just another job with an interesting title.

I was going to suggest a political path.

Admin - junior - Local Council - Policy advisor - Primeminister/President

how about computer programming? :smiley: That always starts off really low paid!

How about architecture or other design professions like graphic/interior/industrial design?

office-fodder/CAD-monkey/intern/associate designer/project manager/design firm principal

Yeah I’m biased I’m an architect :slight_smile:

LOL, my first attempt at a mod for the game was a computer programmer putting me working for Micro$oft where starting salary was 80 grand and you could get the job with no skills as it was the barman file I fiddled with. I did this so I could get on with the game and see how far I could push it without financial restrictions just out of curiosity but ended up a raging alcoholic as i left the alcohol info in there.

The bottles are still displayed on my screen now - even when I start a new game :slight_smile:

thats starting a new game, but not quitting kudos and restarting it I presume? That would be a REALLY weird bug!

My first post, I just bought the game from bigfish and have loved the first three games played. Show biz seems hard to get into. I am getting the patches soon and will see what improvements have been made to the game.

Some ideas for new professions?

Law enforcement: prison guard, secret service, undercover, traffic, game warden
Clergy: different religions, chaplain for hospital or prison, TV preacher
Teacher: special ed, professor, philosopher, guru, motivational speaker, high school, preschool, daycare, coach.
Entrepeneur: small to large business owner, different types of retail
Farmer: gardener, rancher, homesteader, fur trader
Military (can you die in this game?): different ranks, branches, special/elite forces, intelligence.
Underground jobs (could result in jail time/death): prostitute/escort, drug dealer, pimp, black market trader. Could be left out of the game at the beginning such as how you enable/disable same sex relationships.
Fashion designer
Author: for children, by genre, as an option for people who reach the top of their profession.
Do gooder: social worker, environmentalist, advocate, fundraiser.

WOULD love to see an advanced relationship/marriage and family option so you could be a stay at home parent or pampered housewife. Would love to choose whether or not I go to work, or have a part time option, even if it means a paycut or job performance suffers. Sometimes I find myself with enough money and status in the job and not enough time to do other things…would be great to take the day off for other than sickness, and this would allow the option to read or go on an outing.

That was the first thing that popped into my mind too.

I like the crime idea…a professional criminal… :smiling_imp:


I wish I had time to add some more careers, but I’m busy on another game. It would be cool to see some modded careers though.

That’s a very cool idea. I co-sponsor. =D

I like the idea of new career paths.
Im interested in the law enforcement option.
How about -Sports Professional eg. football, golf, motorsport.

A new game!!! What about? Tell us, tell us!!

Just a thought.
How about a career in flying.
For example: steward, small plane, passenger plane, commercial plane, jet, private passenger jet (movie stars), test pilot, NASA?

how bout a confederate slave lol :smiley:

What about train conductors, subway crew, casino entertainers, nuclear bomb researchers, chauffeurs, hitman, WoW programer, or street performer?

I personally would like law enforcement(would make muscles more needed) and “black market” jobs.(maybe this could be added if you include my "quit job idea, basically someone asks you to sell crack since you’re unemployed).

Hey Mate.
I think law enforcement could be good.
Maybe introduce ‘Special Investigation’ one could do on ones own as a spare time option as they reach a higher career point.
Kinda like a doctor being able to extra research or a journalist being able to do an investigative story.
Still like my my pilot career path I mentioned earlier.
However if ya got something in mind with the law enforcement thing go for it.
Be nice to have a new op.
Cheers. :smiley: