Adding a new career

I’m actually working on law enforcement mods, but I need to edit some other files before I can get started on them.

This is my list thus far, some of which I gleaned from the board, though I had actually been working on LE before I found this thread :laughing:

Probation/Parole Officer
Crime Scene Investigator
Forensic Scientist (also think of a couple speciality forensic fields like dentist)
patrol cop (basic rookie level)
chief of police
undercover narcotics cop
secret svc (presidential detail maybe?)
prison guard

Assuming Sullivan’s Law doesn’t kick in, I should have this done by mid Aug.

[Sullivan’s Law = Murphy was an optimist]

As a budding singer (classical/choral), it bothers me that I have yet to come accross a job for a singer in the music section. Any chance somebody could rectify this?

cliffski already has … it’s called Rock Legend :open_mouth: :unamused:

hmm, I’m not sure rock legend will have what you’re looking for (idk though, b/c I don’t have rock legend-can’t afford it atm). Let me finish my LE careers and I can work on that for you. Give me some Ideas what you’re looking for?

I’ve got Rock Legend. It’s not a major thing, I just thought that it should be fairly easy for somebody to implement if they understand the way the game works (which I don’t) but maybe I should work on doing it myself.

i tried adding a new career but the file is blank what should i do?