Adding Assets


I’m wondering about adding some more stuff to buy to the “assets” file. I’ve already added some albums, but I’m wondering about adding other things. Most of the numbers are labelled at the top of the column: purchase cost, daily cost, etc. but not the one or two that appear after assignee. What do these numbers mean?

it varies. desirable means people will comment on needing it, rebuyable allows you to buy another one after you sold or lost one. The numbers for stage equipment are the stage effect (how impressive each thing is) and how much stuff weighs, for the purposes of making the band tired if they have no roadie.

with the merchandise, the first number is the quantity, the second is the sale price.

Thanks for your response. I’m thinking specifically of the music videos - what do the two numbers mean here? Am I right in guessing that the first is increase in hype and the second is degrade rate? Also, if I wanted to add an extra thing such as, say, a TV advert, to increase hype, or, say, a luxury yacht to increase motivation, would it be possible to do this, and if so, how?