Adding features to Design - Stock room

So, I’ve just go the game on Steam.

I’ve managed to get the factory to not go bacnkcrupt, after the first 30 mins, on the 4th try.

I’ve made some progress and having lots of time in the game now.

One thing I don’t seem to understand is when I go to the design and check the boxes for the features, that say “include”, when the car gets to the stock room it says, when I mouse over them, the\at expected features are missing… I know that the cars I set on the production line start are the ones arriving at the end. Sometimes though I’ll see some cars have all the features as I’ve chosen but some do not.

is it related to me changing the markup and that is, some how removing features that I have checked as included?

I’ll try and connect a couple of pictures. Let me know if you understand my question and need more images or let me know what I’m doing wrong.

here is my first car… not all features are checked, only the ones that are not rare

Next one has everything checked… all included.

when I get to the showroom… after letting these cars roll from start to export… they show in RED features that are not installed. I’m confused.

Hi. We need to make this more obvious in game.
It seems like you have told the car models that they need these features, but not the actual production line slots?
When you research an upgrade that just gives you the technology. You then need to upgrade all the slots that fit that technology so that they can apply it to the cars.
If you check out the slots for each tech, you will see there is an upgrades option, and you need to buy those.
I presume that’s what is going on. You can get more information from our steam player guide: … =923474292

I plan on making this much more obvious.

How about a little popup if you select a feature for a car and you don’t have it installed on the stations. This popup will ask you if you want to upgrade your station(s) to be able to put it on the cars.
This also helps you not to have to look all over your factory where you put that specific station.

Just and idea but I this is over complicated.

Why not just make it so all existing slots can produce the new feature, but that doing this increases the time to cycle?

Keeping the modules for improving the throughput and reducing cycle time, creating a need for the modules and breaking up the line when building specialized cars.

The main reason not to do this is that you may wish to develop multiple lines (which would be more efficient) where one of them churns out simple mass market cars with few features, and the other does the high-end stuff. thus you have capital savings from not upgrading every station.
I admit it is a bit confusing, and we definitely need to explain it better.

I’m not sure I understand why the primary reason to upgrade if given the option to produce on the existing line but for more time, or being able to break out the process into small steps that the second method would not ever be the preferred method to strive to attain?

Making a better tact time and being able to lower costs, being able to produce more, is the only reason I expand my factory with broken out assembly, and I only upgrade those modules which are slowing down overall production, if they can’t be made to be as efficient as the rest of the line then I double up on them and cut their efficiency loss in half or eliminate it. The current method is confusing.

What I suggest is that you can build anything that you’ve researched on any kind of existing line equipment, only that as you add these new tasks to do, it adds cycle time. Cycle times can be reduced currently by breaking the process out with specialization, adding robots, and etc, but that specialization isn’t required.

Does the current build require you to upgrade an existing slot or just replace it with the same kind of slot only one able to do the task?

Hey, thanks for the replies guys… I’m going to get some time in on this game again shortly and see if I can figure it out. I think, from memory that my production could do all of these things but now I know where to look. I love this game… it’s like work, it’s hard to nail and interesting to see the results unfold in front of my eyes… I don’t have a clue how to market things so I barely get by and lose the game over and over. easy games for the light of mind… this a great. love it… when I make the time to use it. i try to not call it “play”

From your description what I’m guessing is that you are adding features to existing models. In this case, even if you have already upgraded stations. If you have a simple A - B production line where all cars pass through each step of your factory before being sold. Any car that got the added features that had already passed the station that would have installed that feature will not get it, and will pass on to further steps without the upgrade.

If a station doesn’t have the upgrade for the vehicle that it is currently working on the car iirc won’t even pass through the station. So you’ll know if you forgot to upgrade any stations when a upgraded car tried to pass through it and backs up your line.

Edit just re-read your post and noticed you said you followed those cars from start to export. Making my entire post invalid

I should point out that cars actually stopping on a line if an upgrade is not present at that slot was added very recently. In the past they would just glide through it without the upgrade.

There is also a difference between “feature missing” and “Feature uninstalled”

If you edit a car design, but one of the cars for this design has already passed through the slot where the part would be fitted, it will appear as “Feature uninstalled” and won’t penalise you.

Cliffski, If I’m wrong, please correct me.