Adding Icons to the Game

I added this policy to the game:

#,GovtBroadcasting,Government Sponsored Broadcasting,govsponsoredbroadcasting,“description”,7,15,10,10,PUBLICSERVICES,10,200,2,0,0,#Effects,“Liberal,0.02+(0.02x)","Capitalist,-0.01+(0.02x)”,“Parents,0.2+(0.05x)","Poor,0.01+(0.02x)”,

I then created an icon entitled “icons_govsponsoredbroadcasting.png” and put it in the folder with all the other policy icons. Yet in the game, it wouldn’t show up, instead leaving a white square blank. I removed the background white, so when I preview it (I’m on a Mac), it looks like any other icon, yet it isn’t working. I’ve also tried naming it “icons_governmentsponsoredbroadcasting” and “GovtBroadcasting”, so I don’t think it is how I named it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure how the mac icons work, but I think the name needs to match the first name there, with the caps. it has to exactly match the symbol name for that item to be found.

Don’t know about mac but i use GIMP and a dds plugin to make icons. its a free program