Adding Logos to Game

Working on adding realistic Car Manufacturer logos to game to choose from Toyota, Ford, Lamborghini, etc. As I make progress and add logos you will be able to access more on the site.

Download from link
Install in the data\bitmaps\logos folder where game is installed.

please leave comments with any requests for different logos.


If anyone has any suggestions just request and I will add to the link with new logos.

i had similar need as well :slight_smile:
if anyone interested i have a few files to download here.

just download and place inside
…Production Line\data\bitmaps\logos

you dont need to rename them

my file size is different from danbarone1994 because i try to mimic the dds format the game uses, 256x256 ARGB 8*4 32 bit and 9 level MIP maps

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That is the same dds format I just looked at the existing and made them the same just a different logo.