Adding missiles to infantry

Someone queried via IM how I added missiles to infantry units. Below is the more detailed reply, in case other people want to learn a bit more about the weapons and how to change/update/add to them.

In Windows Explorer, go to the ~gtb\data\modules folder (where ~gtb is your installation folder). So for me this is D:\gtb\data\modules

Double-click on “unit modules.csv” and it will open in your spreadsheet of choice. (If you don’t have a spreadsheet installed, install LibreOffice and learn how to use Calc; spreadsheets are wonderful tools).

Find cell S66. Column ‘S’, row ‘66’. Notice how the cells nearby (above and left) contain an X. Adding an ‘X’ in that cell would enable HEAP missiles to be equipped on infantry. Unfortunately updating the file in your spreadsheet would break it, so just note the contents of that row.

Make a copy of ‘unit modules.csv’ before changing/saving it. If GTB starts crashing on startup, copy the original file back into that folder to fix it. Yeah, buggering up ‘unit modules.csv’ can break the game.

Now open a good text editor (i.e. not notepad - although that may work, I just never even try it) and open that ‘unit modules.csv’ file in it. Turn off word wrap (if it’s on) and scroll down to line 66. We’re now back to the HEAP missile thrower, with the row starting with

#,,HEAP Missile Thrower,heap_missile_thrower,SIM_MissileLauncherComponent,EXPLOSIVE,,88,66,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,,WEAPON

Now, from the spreadsheet you’ll recall that all those Xs were to the left of cell S66, and the word WEAPON was in T66 (to the right). So the bit stating “X,WEAPON” is actually the contents of cells R66 (the X), S66 (blank) and T66 (WEAPON).

Put an X between those two commas.

#,,HEAP Missile Thrower,heap_missile_thrower,SIM_MissileLauncherComponent,EXPLOSIVE,,88,66,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,WEAPON

Hit save. Re-open the file in your spreadsheet and you’ll see that cell S66 now contains ‘X’.

Open GTB and go into the Unit Design page. You should now be able to design an infantry unit packing HEAP missiles.

Note that this severely unbalances the game, and shouldn’t be used with online challenges - GTB appears to prevent you posting a challenge with such an infantry unit in it, but wont prevent you from making defense of an online challenge trivial by using one (the missile infantry and frankly astonishing defenders).

But have fun - that ‘unit modules.csv’ file is basically where the whole game balance is defined, through definition of weapons, ranges, damage amounts, effectiveness and armour/shield values.

Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up.:slight_smile: